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22 Mar | 2019

Dr. José Luis Molinuevo on the closure of Biogen's clinical trials

The scientific director of BBRC's Alzheimer’s Prevention Program suggests trying a new aproach in order to keep working with Aducanumab

12 Mar | 2019

Spatial patterns of white matter hyperintensities are associated to Alzheimer’s disease risk factors

BBRC researchers have determined that higher risks of dementia are associated with an increased load of global white matter hyperintensities, which are brain lesions of vascular origin

07 Mar | 2019

What is the effect of biological –but not chronological– age, in Alzheimer’s disease?

BBRC researchers have received funding from the Alzheimer’s Association to analyze the possible effect of telomeres, which are considered a biomarker of biological aging, in the disease

19 Feb | 2019

Alfa and TRIBEKA join the Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network

Data of the Study Alfa is now available, upon request, on the integrated online research platform launched by the Alzheimer’s Association.

31 Jan | 2019

UAB and IMIM publish the results of a study which used BBRC’s MRI

The neuroimaging study shows social exclusion relevant in motivating extremism in those vulnerable to radicalisation

18 Jan | 2019

BBRC performed 893 visits for the EPAD project in 2018

The Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center is the top recruiter study site in Europe, with more than 200 Spanish research participants visited

16 Jan | 2019

BBRC researchers identify cognitive and brain volumetric profile differences in individuals with subjective cognitive decline

The study has detected that some individuals who perceive subjective cognitive decline have a worse cognitive performance and lower grey matter volumes in areas which are affected by Alzheimer’s disease

15 Jan | 2019

“The personal satisfaction of being part of the study is enormous”

Alejandro Laquidain is one of the more than 200 Spanish research participants of the EPAD project recruited at BBRC.

08 Jan | 2019

BBRC launches new study with umbilical cord blood from the Blood and Tissue Bank

The aim of the project, entitled AlfaAge, is to identify pro-ageing and pro-youthful blood biomarkers in different age groups.