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08 Apr | 2021

Two Catalan participants join the EURO-FINGERS project advisory committee

EURO-FINGERS aims to provide a common framework for multimodal European studies of Alzheimer's dementia prevention, accommodating combinations of interventions on disease risk factors with possible drugs.

06 Apr | 2021

BBRC researchers discovered new benefits of blue fish consumption in people at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

A study led by the BBRC has found that people without cognitive problems but with a higher genetic risk of developing Alzheimer's have certain areas of the brain more resilient to the disease if they are accustomed to consuming a nutrient provided by blue fish.

19 Mar | 2021

The Alfa Study is already reaping the first fruits for an Alzheimer's-free future

The BBRC and the Pasqual Maragall Foundation publish an animated video to thank the effort of the participants, and of all the people and entities that support the research

11 Mar | 2021

European researchers improve the sensitivity to detect the early stages of Alzheimer's disease

A team of researchers from the AMYPAD consortium, led at BBRC, showed that the visual assessment used in clinical practice to evaluate amyloid PET images is sensitive to detecting the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and suggests a method to classify the extent of the pathology in the brain.

19 Feb | 2021

The BBRC appoints the new head for its Health Care Center

José María González de Echavarri is the new Head of Health Care, and Dr. Oriol Grau and Annabella Beteta are the new delegates

16 Feb | 2021

Spanish scientists uncover early links between cardiovascular risk and brain metabolism

Investigators at the CNIC, in partnership with the BBRC, have discovered a link between brain metabolism, cardiovascular risk, and atherosclerosis during middle age, years before symptoms appear

11 Feb | 2021

"Contributing in the field of Alzheimer's is what motivates me the most to give everything in my work"

Four BBRC scientists tell us their experience on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

05 Feb | 2021

Visits to the new study on the relationship between insomnia and Alzheimer's begin

200 participants from the Alfa + study will participate in Alfa Sleep

29 Jan | 2021

The BBRC signs the ALBA Declaration for Equity and Inclusion

The document urges the commitment of the scientific community to eliminate implicit bias versus underrepresented groups and proposes a series of actions to achieve it