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HR Excellence in Research

In October 2020, the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC) received the HR Excellence in Research award (HRS4R), granted by the European Commission, two years after joining The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

In order to integrate the 40 principles contained in the Charter and Code, the BBRC carried out an extensive internal analysis, developed the BBRC Action Plan 2020-2022, and in September 2019, submitted the application for the award. 

The BBRC Action Plan 2020-2022, approved by the Steering Committee in September 2019, includes actions grouped into the following categories:

  • Working conditions and equality
  • Career development plan
  • Communication and strategic actions
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Resources and data

The analysis and action plan have been carried out by a team led by the Human Resources Area in conjunction with the Office of Research Management and composed of the HRS4R Working Group in conjunction with the HRS4R Oversight Committee. The BBRC representatives are as follows:


HRS4R Working Group:

  • Dr. Marc Suarez-Calvet, MD, of the First Stage and Recognised Researchers (R1 and R2)
  • Dr. Juan Domingo Gispert, of the Established and Leading Researchers (R3 and R4)
  • Anna Soteras, from the Core facilities 
  • Carme Deulofeu, from the Data Center


HRS4R Overseeing Committee:

  • Glòria Oliver, BBRC Manager
  • Dr. Arcadi Navarro, Director of the BBRC


Human Resources Department:

  • Susana Palacios, Head of Human Resources at the BBRC

Research Office:

  • Dr. Carolina Minguillon, Head of Research Office


Download the BBRC Action Plan