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17 Sep | 2019

A project by Dr. Juan Domingo Gispert, selected by CaixaImpulse program

The program offers economic and mentoring assistance to promote technology transfer

12 Sep | 2019

The Barcelonaβeta Dementia Prevention Research Clinic reaches 200 participants visited

This project studies the risk of developing dementia in people with subjective memory complaints

30 Aug | 2019

Scientists identify a protein that could protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Marc Suárez-Calvet, researcher at the BBRC, is a co-author of this study led by University of Munich

27 Aug | 2019

The BBRC participates in an oncology study published by Hospital del Mar

The research, where BBRC collaborates, shows that protecting the hippocampus avoids memory loss in patients who need cranial radiotherapy

15 Aug | 2019

BBRC researcher Anna Brugulat is selected within the Atlantic Fellow program by the Global Brain Health Institute

The neuropsychologist will stay for a year at University of California in San Francisco’s Memory Center Hospital

17 Jul | 2019

BBRC’s team of researchers participates in the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019

The group of scientists has presented in Los Angeles a total of 8 oral communications and 14 scientific posters

04 Jul | 2019

Alzheimer's disease risk factors have an impact on the brain structure and cognition of cognitively unimpaired middle-aged people

Such is the conclusion of BBRC researcher Anna Brugulat in her PhD thesis, the first developed in this research center

06 Jun | 2019

Members of the Trisomy 21 Research Society tour the BBRC

They visited our facilities and received the explanations from researchers Juan Domingo Gispert, Carles Falcon and Gemma Salvadó