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Grégory Operto BBRC

Grégory Operto


Alzheimer's Prevention Program

Neuroimaging Research Group 


I have been dedicating more than 10 years to studying the human brain using advanced techniques and developing new methods in medical image processing. By my experience both as a researcher and as an engineer, I have been building practical know-how in addressing not only the fundamental questions related to the study of Alzheimer’s disease but also the many technical challenges raised by data of ever-increasing complexity. 

The last decades have seen several major transformations of this research field along with the most recent technological advances related to data science (computation resources, information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, big data, visualization). As a researcher of the neuroimaging group of the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center, I have the opportunity to put these advances at the service of research of early biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease, in application to large multimodal datasets coming from our studies. 

Detecting and preventing Alzheimer's disease, elucidating the mechanisms of normal aging, all these missions take place in a bigger picture, that of understanding how the human brain works. They belong to the most ambitious and necessary challenges of our modern society. These challenges are characterized by their interdisciplinarity and their success depends on a perfect communication between specialties. With respect to this, I also dedicate part of my activity to animate the interface between the IT team in charge of our data management platform on one side, and on the other side the research group of Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center.

Professional activity

  • Associate professor at the Pompeu Fabra University 

Academic background

  • 2009: PhD in Computer Science
  • 2005: Master's degree in Information Sciences and Systems
  • 2005: Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering