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The websites of the Fundación BarcelonaBeta use cookies and other similar types of files. Cookies are small data files, which are sent to your computer, mobile phone or other device when used for accessing the website. These files allow us to obtain information regarding your browsing activity or a code, which allows us to uniquely identify you.



When you browse through our website, we use session cookies and persistent cookies, which may belong to us or to a third party.

Session cookies are designed to collect and store information while you browse a website. These cookies are used for storing information, which is worth keeping in order to provide the service requested by you just once.

Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and information can be accessed and used for an indefinite period by the cookie owner which may last from several minutes to several years.

First-party cookies are cookies which are sent to your computer terminal from a computer or domain managed by the website editor itself to provide the services you have requested. First-party persistent cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Analytical cookies: These enable tracking and analysis of web user behaviour in order to create browser profiles. This allows us to improve the offer of products and/or services based on the analysis of data being used.

Third-party cookies are sent to your computer terminal from another computer or domain that is not managed by the website editor but by another provider that processes data obtained using cookies.

The purposes of stored cookie data as well as the third parties that may set up and access these cookies on your computer (they are not exempt from information and consent) are described below.



Technical cookies

These cookies enable you to browse our website, platform or application as well as to use the various options or services offered within it. They also allow you to share information via social media.

Third parties:


Customization cookies

These enable you to specify or customize some characteristics in the general options of the website.

Third parties:


Analytical cookies

These are used for distinguishing browsing activity among users, for statistical purposes.

Third parties:


Advertising cookies

These enable us to manage advertising space included on the website, application or platform offering the services you requested. These cookies use criteria such as the content entered or the frequency at which adverts are shown.

Third parties:


Behavioural advertising cookies

These cookies store information on user behaviour, which is obtained via a continuous observation of their browsing habits. This allows us to create a more customized profile and offer advertising accordingly.

Third parties:



Most browsers offer users the opportunity to manage their preferences regarding the use of cookies at any time. You can change the settings in your browser so that it blocks or removes certain types of cookies.

To configure cookies, you will need to access:

  • Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show advanced settings → Content settings → Cookies → Block third-party cookies and site data.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use custom settings for history (uncheck all boxes).
  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Settings for the Internet zone (raise the slider until you see “Block All Cookies”).
  • Safari: Safari → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select “Always”).
  • Opera 19: Menu → Settings → Privacy & security → Cookies section (select “Block third-party cookies and site data”).

You can withdraw your consent to use cookies in your browser following the steps indicated above.

You should bear in mind that some of the content features found on these websites will only be available if you allow cookies to be installed in your browser. If you decide not to accept or if you block certain cookies (according to their purpose), this may affect, either in whole or in part, the correct functioning of the website or affect your access to some of its services.



The Fundación BarcelonaBeta may change this cookie policy in keeping with changes to legislative or regulatory requirements, or for the purposes of adapting this policy to the indications set forth by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.