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BBRC Neuroimaging Platform

The Neuroimaging Platform of Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center provides a personalized integral service for the execution of research projects that contemplate the acquisition, management and processing of brain images by magnetic resonance.

For this, it has a cutting-edge MRI scanner (Philips Ingenia 3.0T CX) dedicated exclusively to research, with the scientific-technical support of Philips, and an online image management and processing system based on XNAT. The platform has a team of highly qualified specialists who provide optimization services and set-up of advanced RMI sequences and is responsible for the quality control of the equipment and images.

The Platform serves all BBRC research projects that require MRI, external research projects and national and international clinical trials.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for research

  • Philips Ingenia 3.0T CX with 32-channel head coil, direct digitalization (d-stream) and Multiband acquisition capability.
  • Presentation system of audiovisual stimuli (electronic glasses and headphones compatible with MRI) and answer collection with 4 options (2 key-pads with 2 buttons each).
  • Computers for presentation of stimuli endowed with Matlab (2), e-Prime (1) and Presentation (1).
  • EEG system compatible with 32-channel MRI.
  • Vital signs monitoring system.
  • Management of images through PACS and XNAT.
  • Annexed rooms for complementary explorations.

Neuroimaging Platform services

The Platform offers the support and the necessary capacity to obtain and manage complex neuroimaging sequences for basic, clinical and translational research projects. Its services include:

  • Advanced sequences set-up and advice for the acquisition of RMI. Access to the Philips scientific-technical team.
  • Comprehensive management of images through an online system, backup copies, anonymization and automatic quality control. Personalized access with authentication and possibility to register collaborators.
  • Automation of the post-processing of the images with complete traceability of the results. Access to online supercomputing resources, with the option of a customized implementation of virtual platforms: cluster creation, software installation and data storage.
  • Neuroradiological report.
  • Reservation of room and slots adapted to the agenda of the participants, as well as the ones of the researchers.
  • Integration of advanced research services.


  • Diana Palacios. Neuroimaging Platform Manager
  • Marc Vilanova. Neuroimaging Platform Technical Coordinator
  • Ricardo Berbería. Magnetic Resonance Technician
  • Lluís Solsona. Magnetic Resonance Technician 
  • Jaume Roca. Magnetic Resonance Technician