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Clinical trials unit

Alzheimer's disease still has no cure, but every day we are closer to being able to stop it. Until now, none of the drugs tested in patients has managed to slow the process of cognitive impairment leading to dementia, or recover the neuronal damage caused. Therefore, many intervention studies are moving their focus towards cognitively healthy people at risk of developing the disease.

The Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC) works in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry and public-private projects in clinical Alzheimer's research in order to try medications that prevent or delay the onset of the disease.

The participants of the Alfa Study who meet the requirements stipulated in each study, and the people who enroll in these studies, are invited to participate in the different clinical trials against Alzheimer's that are carried out at the BBRC.

  • If you want to inform yourself about how you can participate in a clinical trial of Alzheimer's disease prevention, consult the frequently asked questions of the Alpha Study section.
  • If you are part of a CRO or a pharmacist, contact our Clinical Trials Unit.