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15 Jan | 2019

“The personal satisfaction of being part of the study is enormous”

Alejandro Laquidain is one of the more than 200 Spanish research participants of the EPAD project recruited at BBRC.

08 Jan | 2019

BBRC launches new study with umbilical cord blood from the Blood and Tissue Bank

The aim of the project, entitled AlfaAge, is to identify pro-ageing and pro-youthful blood biomarkers in different age groups.

05 Nov | 2018

José Luis Molinuevo gives the Keynote lecture of the Alzheimer Europe Conference

BBRC researchers also participate in an oral communication and two poster presentations.

30 Oct | 2018

BBRC researchers participate in the 11th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s disease

CTAD conference took place in Barcelona, from the 24th to the 27th of October.

27 Jul | 2018

BBRC researchers participate in the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

BBRC researchers presented the latest advances of the Alfa Study and the Barcelonaβeta Dementia Prevention Research Clinic, in Chicago.

04 Jul | 2018

José Luis Molinuevo presents European research initiatives on Alzheimer’s Prevention in Japan

The Scientific Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Program participated in a congress in Kyoto and in a conference at the University of Tokyo.

27 Jun | 2018

The Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center joins the ACER

The Catalan Association of Research Entities (ACER) aims to consolidate Catalonia as an international benchmark in scientific and technological research

21 Jun | 2018

New study reports alterations in brain microstructure in subjects at higher genetic risk of Alzheimer’s

Los resultados de la investigación son fruto del Estudio Alfa, impulsado por la Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa”, y de la colaboración con el Barcelona Supercomputing Center

20 Jun | 2018

We present the experience of therapeutic groups in 4 Spanish provinces

The groups were held in Madrid, Vigo, Seville and Barcelona