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20 Nov | 2020

The BBRC incorporates new members to its Scientific Advisory Board

The Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC) hosted a new meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) on October 29, in which two new members were introduced: Dr. Ángela Nieto, Research Professor at the Institute of Neurosciences (CSIC-UMH), and Dr. Pablo Villoslada, Associate Professor at Stanford University (USA) and researcher at the Agustí Pi i Sunyer Institute for Biomedical Research (IDIBAPS).

The SAB was constituted to provide advice to the BBRC Direction on all scientific aspects of the BBRC. According to BBRC bylaws, it is a voluntary body, appointed by the BBRC Board of Trustees at the suggestion of the BBRC Director and it reports to the Director. 

In the last meeting, in addition to presenting the new incorporations, the members of the Committee were informed and consulted about scientific results, the financial model of the center, the digitization and fostering of the Alfa Study, and potential future alliances, among other aspects.

The list of members of the Committee is completed by six top researchers in the field of Alzheimer's and/or neurodegenerative diseases: Dr. Frederik Barkhof, president of the Committee appointed by the Board of the BBRC, Professor of Neuroradiology in the Department of Radiology and Medicine Nuclear of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, and Professor at the University College of London Institutes of Biomedical Engineering and Neurology; Dr. Kaj Blennow, Professor of Clinical Neurochemistry at the University of Gothenburg, and head of the Neurochemistry laboratory at Sahlgrenska University Hospital; Dr. Bruno Dubois, Professor of Neurology at the Institute of Neurology of the Salpétrière University Hospital in Paris, and Director of the Dementia Research Center of the same hospital; Dr. Miia Kivipelto, Professor of Geriatric Clinical Geriatrics at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm; Dr. John Morris, Harvey A and Dorismae Friedman Distinguished Professor of Neurology, and Director of the Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center; and Dr. Reisa Sperling, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Director of the Center for Alzheimer's Research and Treatment, and Co-Director of the Neuroimaging Core at the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center.

The members of the SAB will issue a report for the BBRC Management in the coming weeks, in which they will provide answers and recommendations to specific questions posed during the last meeting.