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03 Nov | 2023

The BBRC participates in the CTAD 2023 conference

The team from the Neuroimaging Research Group of the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center (BBRC), a research center of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, has participated in the 16th edition of the international conference Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD), dedicated to clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease. The event, held in Boston from October 24 to 27, focused on the latest advances in Alzheimer's clinical research and exploring avenues beyond immunotherapy to eliminate amyloid.

The program included a talk by BBRC predoctoral researcher Mahnaz Shekari, titled 'Stress Testing the CL concept: Evaluating Centiloid Stability to Tracer, Effective Image Resolution and Quantification Method', which took place on October 26. The presentation has shown the variability and precision of the centiloid metric, a scale used in positron emission tomography (PET) to measure the presence and extent of amyloid plaques, and numerically quantify the degree of impact on the patient. Additionally, guidelines have been provided for selecting the optimal quantitation channel for clinical settings and multicenter studies.

Dr. Juan Domingo Gispert, head of the Neuroimaging Research Group at the BBRC, presented the talk, as well as two scientific posters. Access the congress website for more information.