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27 Jun | 2022

We participate in the World Summit on Neurodegenerative Diseases NEURO 2020/2022

The International Conference on Innovation and Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CiiiEN), which this year took place between June 21 and 24 in Salamanca, aims to promote the main advances in research in neurodegenerative disorders and raise public awareness on the social consequences of these pathologies.

The summit, which has been chaired by Her Majesty Queen Sofía, has had the participation of our president, Cristina Maragall, who has made the opening speech of the "Meeting with Associations" organized by the Reina Sofía Foundation. Both Cristina Maragall and Dr. Arcadi Navarro attended the inauguration of the summit and the institutional dinner.

The programming of NEURO 2020/2022 has had the intervention of Dr. Juan Domingo Gispert, researcher at the BBRC, head of the Neuroimaging Research Group, with a presentation entitled "Early pathophysiological alterations in Alzheimer's disease: insights from the cohort ALPHA".

From the BBRC, Blanca Rodríguez-Fernández has also participated, with the poster "Characterization of individuals at risk of Alzheimer's disease in Telomere Length based extreme biological aging groups"; and Patricia Genius, with the poster "Uncovering genetic profiles" Alzheimer's continuum: genetic characterization of the ALFA (ALzheimer's and FAmilies) study".