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15 Nov | 2023

A project coordinated by the BBRC receives funding from La Marató 2022 to investigate the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s

The "Interaction between subclinical atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease in middle age" project, led by the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center, is one of the 37 beneficiaries of the previous edition of La Marató.

10 Nov | 2023

The SpeechDx study will generate a voice database for the exploration of speech-based biomarkers to aid in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

The project, supported by the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation’s Diagnostic Accelerator and with the participation of the BBRC, will collect speech, clinical and biomarker data from more than 2600 participants.

03 Nov | 2023

The BBRC participates in the CTAD 2023 conference

The Neuroimaging Research Group of the center has presented a talk and two posters at the 16th edition of the congress dedicated to Alzheimer's clinical trials.

18 Oct | 2023

The Pasqual Maragall Foundation announces the winning projects of the Alzheimer's research grants

The Pasqual Maragall Researchers Program (PMRP) will distribute a total of 1.5 million euros between the three selected projects.

21 Sep | 2023

On World Alzheimer's Day we highlight the figures to forget

This September 21, we call for more research and visibility to change the social consideration of the disease through the action "4lzh31m3r: the numbers to forget"

31 Aug | 2023

Early action to control cardiovascular risk factors preserves brain metabolism

A study published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity shows that brain metabolism, detected with advanced imaging techniques, declines more sharply in middle-aged people with a sustained high cardiovascular risk over five years.

26 Jul | 2023

The BBRC participates in a study to facilitate early diagnosis of Alzheimer's with a blood test

The research center of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation has made the first visit of the EAPP study in July 2023.

19 Jul | 2023

Presented at AAIC the results of a new drug that would slow cognitive decline

According to the data presented, and simultaneously published in JAMA, the treatment with donanemab will significantly reduce the levels of amyloid plaque.