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27 Jun | 2017

CITA Foundation enrols the first participant of the EPAD project

Aranzazu is the first participant enrolled in the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) project in San Sebastian, Spain. “I volunteered because my father suffered Alzheimer’s disease and I want to contribute to give the chance to my relatives and the rest of the society to live without this devastating disease”, she said after her first visit. Aranzazu is one of the participants of the CITA Foundation’s Basque Cohort. This site has just initiated enrolment, under the coordination of the National Lead of the project, the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center.

Aranzazu is 71 years old and has been collaborating with CITA since 2010. “After my participation in the Gipuzkoa Alzheimer’s Project, I have to recognise that I am familiar with the tests that I have done. The magnetic resonance, the neuropsychological tests and the rest of the tests are nothing compared to the sense of pride that I feel for my participation in this research project”, she explained. CITA expects to enrol at least 50 participants who will have regular health checks, including cognitive and genetic tests, brain scans, and lumbar punctures.